Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green Careers Shoot under way with first week of shooting completed in Seattle

Jule Schultz from the Washington State DOH checks a water sample from the Puget Sound.

This is being written on the plane from Seattle to Denver. PWP’s Debbie Arnold, Andy Wenrich, Dave Lamm, Pat Ganley, and Michael Schweisheimer just wrapped a glorious week one of shooting “Green Careers” for Films Media Group. Green Careers is a project that has been almost a year in the making, beginning with an original pitch to the largest educational distributor to the secondary and post secondary markets. The concept is to create a video to be used to encourage young people considering their career choices to look at careers that can make a difference to the environment.

So far we have visited with the Washington State Department of Health, Taylor Shellfish Farms in Sammish Bay, People for the Puget Sound, and KCTS which is the Seattle PBS affiliate. All of the jobs we focused on were around the concept of combating water pollution, specifically in the Puget Sound.

Now we are off to Denver to look at work being done there around the theme of Energy Efficiency in the Home.